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Back to the Future!
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(6/27/98 - 9:45am) Well the game I refered to as Unmade (and probably still should), but is called by its creators Unreal, has had an update to its Bug & Patches Page. The multiplayer fix is nearing completion, and should be released as a public beta in a couple of days. The OpenGL version is working on some cards, but they are working on performance issues now. Probably 2 weeks before a public beta... Sooo, about 2 weeks before I buy the game? Sounds like it will be a lot closer to finished then. Also, there is a new Cyrix patch so the game will work on those systems, and they think you overclocking K6 owners should down clock your CPU from a 100mhz FSB to the standard 66mhz FSB so the game won't crash. Thats it for now, have a great Saturday... -Noxious?

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Total Annihilation News. NEW UNIT!!!
(6/26/98 - 10:45pm) NEW UNIT! The Arm "Shooter" is out. Its a cloakable unit with a long range cannon... Well, guess what I'll be doing all weekend... Go get it from Cavedog.

Well, I'm going to attempt to take it easy this weekend. I'm not saying there won't be any updates, but I won't be working on the site all weekend, like I was last weekend. Well, time to kick back, open a bottle of Amber Bock and wait? What was that? YES! That was the sound of my Vulcan Cannon being finished. Life is good. -Noxious?

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Look, an update! Really!
(6/26/98 - 10:30pm) Noxious? here with a freshly bald chin. No, that is not news. (Then don't put it here. -ED) I know all of you are probably calling me all sorts of names by now, and I probably deserve them. Except the guy calling me a "Pig Fucker" now that is totally uncalled for. Sorry about the late update, Friday is the busiest day of my week, honestly. Ok, news now. Really.

OGR has been pretty busy today. Lets weed out the Voodoo news and see what I have. Okay they have a review up of Final Fantasy VII. Didn't read it personally. Why? Edios screwed anyone except Voodoo owners over the game. Seeing as its a direct conversion of the Playstation version, it only uses 8bit palletes. The PC usually would use 16bit palletes. The -ONLY- card LAME enough to use lowely 8bit palletes, is the Voodoo. (Everyone say Eeeeeeeeeeew.) So, that means that even though the game IS in D3D it might as well be in Glide for the most part. So, everyone but Voodoo owners: Get off the boat, yes that includes the Riva owners too. I should also note that even though the review is on OGR, I got all the uncool news off a very cool site. Namely, Björn's 3D World.

OGR also has some beta news and a giveaway to check out. Something about Motorcross Madness, 10 copies and a cool controller. Last bit off OGR for the day, WizardWorks has an official Starcraft add on pack. Going by the name of Retaliation, the add on includes 30 single player games, 120 new maps, and new heros. Also, about Starcraft, the demo includes 5 levels. How did I like it? I didn't get a chance to play it yet. I'll get to it, eventually. Maybe...

On Gamecenter, someone probably praised Intel and 3Dfx. Insulted any other chipset and downed Total Annihilation some more today.

Also, GT interactive will be publishing KKnD2. -Noxious?

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Government News
(6/25/98 - 10:30pm) The Country we know as Microsoft has just released an online presentation of Windows 98. There is even an online demonstration using Netshow. One intersting thing to point out is that Microsoft recommends an ATI All-In-Wonder or All-In-Wonder Pro for use in the System Requirements, and also suggests picking up a digital camera. Sounds to me like some other company is not satisfied being installed in nearly half of all OEMs, but they also want OS Endorsement. Still, I suppose we can accept this as a good thing since it made no mention of 3Dfx.

They also make note of Plus 98. This time around they've included McAfee Anti-Virus, at least a half-assed attempt at an Image Processor, and Lose Your Marbles, Spider Solitaire, and Golf 1998 Lite as games. Why in the hell does Solitaire keep sneaking back into the OS anyways? Didn't it draw in enough morons the first two times?

Blah. -Fuse!

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I feel like Starcraft tonight, Everyone Sing!
(6/25/98 - 6:30pm) Don't forget that Starcraft's demo release will be this evening. Blizzard's site said it will be available at 18:00 PDT. Okay. 18:00 is... Um... Well, 13:00 is 1:00pm. So, 18:00 must be 6:00pm... Okay... PDT... Er. I'm not sure on that one. Well, they said today...

Grab your can of Raid! Seems that you won't be able to quad those Pentium II Xeon chips due to some bug... But, at close to $3,000 apiece, who can really afford to? And here I was thinking of setting up a quad Xeon game machine... Oh, wait. I couldn't play any games on that. NT Workstation only supports dual processors, and only has DirectX3... Nevermind. For the complete bit of news, check out's complete article HERE

I think that is all the news for today. I'm going to try and work on an item for the articles section, give this site a little more beef. Take care, and if you have news, let us know. Please? We've got cookies! -Noxious?

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Game News! (Recoil!)
(6/25/98 - 12:30pm) OGR has a preview of a Pure, er, Virgin game going by the name of Recoil. Recoil is a first person shooter where you also get to pilot a transforming tank. The tank can hover, float, and sink. Why does this concept remind me of Starfox64? Check out OGR's preview HERE. Most importatly, Virgin realizes that we like to play games on our PCs and it will be Direct 3D.

Lots of N64 news on IGN64. Lets see if I can sum it up real quick. They have a review of Mortal Kombat 4. They have new movies of WWF Warzone. Finally, Nintendo's own homepage has gone berzerk with Zelda64 screenshots, which you can find HERE. Hope you can read Japanese.

That is all for now. If you have any news, please break away from your usual inabiliy to play well with others, and share. -Noxious?

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ATI soon to support Digital Flat Panels!
(6/25/98 - 12:15pm) ATI Technologies has just announced that COMPAQ will be using the ATI XPERT LCD chip to offer upgradability to Digital Flat Panel Displays. I would probably think this was really cool if I could think of an affordable Flatpanel Monitor, but I can't. I would also probably think this was cool if Compaq computers weren't ugly, but they are. Maybe Compaq thinks that they can distract from their ugly cases if they put a really cool monitor in the user's face. All I can say is that I'm glad they're not sticking 3Dfx chips in their systems, ugly or not. And hey, ATI is making a chip that'll support Digital Flat Panels, using a standard 20 pin connector, no less. Isn't that cool? Well, no. Not really.

If you care (you don't), you can read about it on ATI's Web Page! -Fuse!

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Canopus to sell cursed Riva 128!
(6/25/98 - 12:10pm) Canopus announced a new video card yesterday. Its called the Witchdoctor and its main goal is to hide those unsightly pass-thru-cables. Simply put, it has an internal pass-thru from the Witchdoctor to one of those Virgin3D, er, Pure3D II cards. What is so Pure about a video card that is plugged into another video card internally? Well, looks like Canopus wants you to spend lots of money for a 2D/3D solution, you can read about it HERE. -Noxious?

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What was that question?
(6/25/98 - 12:00pm) Well, in case your wondering what the site below was all about, it was a 3Dfx Glide emulator page. The question I had down below about Descent:Freespace etc, was why did the emulator run glide on my PC -FASTER- than the Direct 3D patch? Don't know why personally. Just thought it was odd. Probably just means that the guys who made the emulator are better programmers than the people who made the D3D patch, or the programers of Descent: etc, cared more about a glide version than the D3D. Harsh reality, there is no fair or equal treatment in the PC world. -Noxious?

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Yet More Other Site News (ACK!)
(6/25/98 - 6:40am) Party's Over! Those of you who knew about this, you're fortunate. Those of you who don't... it's too late.

Dude, This here's pretty fucked up! -Fuse!

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Fantasy Dungeons and other fun stuff...
(6/24/98 - 5:30pm) Okay, skip the Gex demo. The one I downloaded is 3Dfx only. Oh well. And I used to think Crystal Dynamics was cool. Their site (Crystal Dynamics) said you needed DirectX.'s site told the real story, guess I should have read more.

I might attempt downloading that MechCommander demo... Heh. Do I dare? Do I have the hard drive space?

If you check out Edios's Site, you'll notice that Final Fantasy VII (for the PC) is due out the 27th, as is Deathtrap Dungeon.

That is it for now, found out I have some extra work to do tonight. So, no more updates until tomorrow unless Fuse! feels up to it. Have a nice evening, and if you've got any news, let us know. -Noxious?

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Look! Something about GAMES!
(6/24/98 - 12:15pm) Got most of this off of OGR. So, here is the current low down. Ready?

MechCommander, from Microprose, was supposed to be in stores yesterday. Want a test drive? Hope you don't want to do any web browsing today... Its a 116mb demo... The demo version of this real time strategy game can be found about right HERE. I'll have to download it later and take a look (maybe). Also from Microprose is Addiction Pinball with a demo of that HERE, and coming soon Ultimate Civilization II Multiplayer.

Crystal Dynamix has released a demo version of GEX: Enter Gekko. You can download it from HERE. The demo is 6.4mb, which is suprisingly small for a demo these days. I'm downloading it now, and will give my opinions on it later.

i740 prices are dropping all over. Real3D has dropped prices on its StarFighter AGP boards. The PCI version of the board is supposed to be shipping now. As much as Intel is forcing the i740 chip down the throats of graphics card manufacturers, don't be too suprised when you see the Antivoodoo i740 card, known as the BWA-HAH-Hahahaha!™ 740.

Last, but definetly not least. OGR has a preview of Fallout 2. Other news will be posted later... If you have any news let us know. -Noxious?

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Operation:3Dfx all kissies and huggies...
(6/24/98 - 12:00pm) Operation:3Dfx Is going to be back online soon. Guess they all got cured from their radiation sickness. Oh well. -Noxious?

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Even more other site news...
(6/24/98 - 8:00a) Fuse! directed me to Costello's cool site this morning... (I usually almost visit daily, seeing my main computer houses a Rendition based card.) There seems to be some really cool Antovoodoo site online now. Wow, and I thought we we're the only ones that didn't like Voodoo.

Some not so cool news from Costello's site was that Eidios seems to have skipped me, and the rest of the Rendition owners for this Final Fantasy VII game. Well, if the game is D3D, I don't think their are any worries. Robo Rumble, which doesn't support Rendition cards, plays just fine on my system using the nVidia Riva 128 settings. I'll see, I guess.

Okay, this is the last bit of Rendition news for the day... If anything else Rendition happens I won't talk about it till tomorrow. The last bit is that the Rendition OpenGL ICD has now gone beta. Well, enough about all that. Why don't you just go to The Rendition Costello Clan and read the rest? -Noxious?

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More Other Site News
(6/23/98 - 9:00p) Emulation News Service seems to be back up.

Oh goodie! -Fuse!

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Starcraft Win95 Demo on Thursday...
(6/23/98 - 7:00p) Took them long enough, but June 25th, (this Thursday) you can download the demo version of Starcraft. You can get that from Blizzard and probably everywhere else soon after that. Personally I've never played the game, I remember thinking it would be pretty cool when I saw the movie file on my Diablo CD in 1996... But after waiting a year I really could care less about the game seeing as I was playing Total Annihilation constantly. I guess I'll finally get to see what all the hype is about then, can't be better than TA though...

Any other news? Um... Something about some game named Sin is going to happen next month, but I went to their page and the first thing I saw was a 3Dfx logo... Which, basicly means to me, it might as well only be made only for a Mac. Reminds me of the BAD OLD DAYS, when everyone had different computers and if someone didn't make a game for mine, I didn't play it. No big loss really, eventually someone made a similar game that did apply to me and my machine at the time, and I didn't know any better.

Just in case some of you are still in suspense about that D3D patch for Descent: Freespace: (Insert Full Lyric Sheet to Any Song you Wish right HERE, and it still might be a shorter title.) The Great War. There is one. I couldn't find it on Interplay's site, but I did find it on Happy Puppy, even though they couldn't tell me what it was for... (Its the D3D patch, btw.) Um, plays nice enough on my old system. Kind of have a big question, but I can't really ask it here. Oh well. -Noxious?

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This Site News!
(6/23/98 - 1:23:05.5) Well, we were going to use XOOM's service to host the site, but after having Noxious remove my profanity from everything I've written so far I decided to place it on my own site. I don't know why we didn't decide to do this in the first place, but no matter what the reason, it's up now. Feel free to let us know what you think.